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Latex care & repair

Preserve the beauty of the material

You have bought a luxurious unique piece, which was made in Germany. A piece of clothing made of natural rubber needs just as much care as clothing made of leather. Take care of your latex jacket by rubbing it with a care product from time to time.


The jacket can be hand washed with suitable products. After rinsing, add a splash of latex care oil to warm water and rinse again. Then let it dry well. Important: do not use any other oils and do not leave them in the sun.


You can get suitable care products from us.

  • Too much direct sunlight can dull latex, so please don't leave your garment in the sun.

  • I subjected the latexmarble from rose yarn to long tests and it is less sensitive to sunlight and therefore particularly recommended for jackets.

  • Be careful with sharp objects such as fingernails and jewellery. Latex is very robust due to its elasticity, but a small hole is enough to make it tear.

  • Fats, perfumes, oils and some metals (e.g. copper, brass, bronze) react with latex, so direct contact should be avoided.


If you have any questions, we are happy to help

Karin and the Rosengarn team or by phone: 02451 911 26 87, mobile: 0178 3865277


General care tips for latex clothing

  • lightly powdered or treated with silicone oil, store in a dry and dark place

  • do not leave it in the sun

  • Store latex clothing of light colours separately

  • Attention: metal leaves ugly stains on light-coloured latex

  • Wash latex worn on the skin promptly

  • Do not use baby oil or any other fatty product

  • I recommend the products of Vivishine


Refined (chlorinated) latex, also called silky latex, has a smoother surface and less shine.
However, it is more difficult to repair because the surface has to be roughened first.



Latex repair:


Once not paying attention, got stuck, or the famous fingernail. One crack and the good piece is ruined. Bring or send us the items to be repaired and briefly describe what is to be done. The damaged parts should be washed and lightly powdered, then it works best.


We will then provide you with a cost estimate and after order confirmation we will repair your items. We will then send them back or you can pick them up from the studio.


Several times a year we offer a repair workshop and if you are interested I will be happy to send you further information.

A short message via the contact form is sufficient.





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